It is true that most seniors prefer to remain with traditional Medicare when they get old. And that is just fine as long as the overall Medicare program and services are kept up. But what about seniors who have Medicare Advantage Plans?

With these plans, a private health insurance company is paid a fee by the federal government in order to provide the medical coverage of seniors. The reason most seniors choose to sign up for this type of insurance is because it is generally much less expensive than traditional Medicare.

There are also benefits to having Medicare Advantage Plans found onĀ that is not found in traditional Medicare. Those benefits include the following:

Reduced Out-of-Pocket Expenses – Unlike traditional Medicare, there are no usual Medicare premiums that are paid by a beneficiary. These are all managed by the private companies who are a part of the program.

No Provider Network – This means that an individual can receive the medical care they need. Their physician will be able to choose a doctor who accepts their particular type of policy.

No Restrictions – Prescription drugs and dental care are not covered in the plan at all. In other words, Medicare Advantage Plans can really give seniors a lot of freedom when it comes to choosing how much they spend on their medical needs.

Convenience – The medical care you receive will be directly provided by the private health insurance company. You never have to worry about any type of paperwork or red tape.

Flexibility – You do not have to pay the standard Medicare copayments that you would normally have to pay. Your insurance company will also be able to choose a payment plan that will work for your specific financial situation.

The one drawback to having Medicare Advantage Plans is that you are paying for the medical care of a person you may not even know. All you see is a senior, your insurance company, and the private company that is providing the coverage.

Also, Medicare Advantage Plans are not mandated to cover your own doctors. You are responsible for paying the health care costs of those physicians who are participating in the plan.

Seniors who are covered by these plans are still responsible for their own expenses. And as they get older, the cost of medical care increases rapidly, as do the costs of medications.

As you can see, private medical insurance can still be a great choice for seniors to make in order to keep the quality of life that they are used to. Not only will the benefits of a Medicare Advantage Plan be greatly appreciated by many seniors, but it will also offer them a sense of freedom that they may not be used to.